VoltLogic - The Power Equaliser

VoltLogic is a four quadrant device designed for connection to the low voltage distribution network that carries AS4777 certification.

This all-in-one power management solution can be used for network connected and/or off-grid applications and can produce any combination of real and realtive power up to the configured power limit.

VoltLogic can be confirmed to operate in multiple modes concurrently:

  • Inverter



Voltlogic is available in two models, to suit your power needs:

  • 5 kVA
  • 20 kVA - in development


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  • Battery/PV/wind and/or batteries
  • Exports real power to the network to a voltage and/or power target
  • Extracts real power from the network to maintain battery state of charge



  • Battery or battery-less operation
  • Provides voltage support and power factor
  • correction using real or reactive power with or without batteries



 VoltLogic is specifically designed for the low voltage distribution network (415V / 240V). It can be used in single phase or 3 phase configuration and self sequencing.

  • Controls the network voltage at the point of attachment
  • Injects real power from DC sources (solar, wind, fuel cells, batteries, other energy storage systems etc)
  • Extracts real AC power into a DC storage system or bus
  • Controls the power factor downstream from the point of attachment
  • Balances the voltages on 3 phase distribution transformers to remove negative components





  • Delivers real and reactive power support for SWER
  • Provides dynamic real time voltage control
  • Minimises network voltage rise caused by injection of PV generated power on the network
  • Mitigates voltage sag using both reactive power and real power from a small energy store
  • Does note impede AFCL signals (ripple control)



  • Low voltage network support and control
  • Regulate network voltage to a programmable voltage target
  • Power factor control
  • Provides interface between battery and network – as displayed in EV to network applications
  • Real power injection into the network when connected to a battery, solar, wind or micro-turbine
  • Load shifting applications in conjunction with energy storage
  • Stores power into battery banks during times of low load and injects into the network during high load times  








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The company manufactures VoltLogic, an all-in-one power management solution designed to stabilise voltage.

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